Strategy - Source Strategy or AutoSearch

The Strategy, AutoSearch, Multi-System or OneClick used to create the result.  The following conventions are used to identify the different sources:

[] - Names that are placed within brackets were produced by an AutoSearch.

MS: Names beginning with MS: were produced from a Multi-System Setup.  This Multi-System Setup itself may have been created manually or through a OneClick Search.

OC: Results beginning with OC: are individual strategies that were created through a OneClick Search.  The Keep All Individual Combination Results box must have been checked on the Results tab of the OneClick Setup.

AR: Results beginning with AR: are archived results during a OneClick Search.  If the Archive Multi-Systems as Score Progresses box is checked on the Results tab of the OneClick Setups, each version of the multi-system created by the OneClick Search will be archived as enhancements are made.