Our History
StrataSearch development began in 2002 as a personal project to aid in the search for profitable trading systems. At its core, StrataSearch began as a simple program that would bring automation to the slow and tedious labor of developing trading systems manually. Since the first public release in 2004, StrataSearch has grown considerably based on the suggestions from our many users as well as our own ideas. Today, StrataSearch leads the way in the automated search for trading systems, being the only software package available that can continuously search for trading systems while utilizing key features such as portfolio management, multi-system and multi-product back testing, and critical curve-fit protection mechanisms such as out-of-sample testing and Monte Carlo Analysis.

Our Mission
Avarin Systems Inc is devoted to high quality software, promoted with honesty and integrity. We do not promote unrealistic returns, nor do we make false claims about our software with the intention of making sales. Rather, StrataSearch is provided free for 30 days so that users can personally examine its capabilities before making a purchase. We are extremely dedicated to our users, and have noticed our users responding in kind. We are a community, working together to create and trade profitable systems, and to direct the continued development of StrataSearch to new and exciting areas.

Technical Support
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