Peter Muller

StrataSearch has really helped me find some great trading systems. This is just the type of software traders need to beat the market these days. What a great product.

- M.R., E-mail

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Peter Muller Peter Muller may be one of the most well-respected quants in the world, and for good reason.? His time at Morgan Stanley from 1997 to 2006 was wildly successful, with estimates of roughly $4 billion in profits.? Some traders question whether system trading is truly a valid approach, but Peter Muller proves that it is.

Mr. Muller graduated from Princeton in 1985 with a degree in mathematics, but his Ivy League education hasn't prevented him from thinking outside the box. On the contrary, his background is filled with a wide variety of interests, including playing keyboard and guitar, kayaking, yoga, writing crossword puzzles, playing poker, and traveling the world.

One of his defining moments came in 2001, when he quit working full-time for Morgan Stanley claiming that he could "no longer find happiness in the corporate world". Like many others with an independent spirit, he simply yearned to breathe free.

Mr. Muller returned working for Morgan Stanley in 2006, where his Process Driven Trading unit has continued to crank out profits.

While such trading units aren't uncommon at major U.S. banks, the availability of powerful computers and specialized software has brought some of this power to the individual trader. Programs like StrataSearch, for example, can bring a great deal of a quant's capabilities to the average trader.

Peter Muller, 47, is married and has 2 children. He continues to work at Morgan Stanley as of November 2010, although new government restrictions in proprietary trading in the Dodd-Frank Act may force him to leave Morgan Stanley, and expand his horizons once again.