Portfolio Manager

StrataSearch has really helped me find some great trading systems. This is just the type of software traders need to beat the market these days. What a great product.

- M.R., E-mail

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Portfolio Manager

Traders and investors often use a portfolio manager to keep track of their investments, and to help evaluate the performance of those investments. While the trader's broker often provides a simple list of trades, a portfolio manager provides a great deal more by offering charts and other statistics that give the trader a more in-depth analysis of their trading.

A portfolio manager is typically offered as an independent software package, or as a feature within a stock trading program. Portfolio managers can also be found in a variety of websites, although these are rarely as sophisticated as a portfolio manager that runs as an application on your computer.

To provide a robust analysis of performance, a portfolio manager should have many features. To start, an analysis of trade performance is critical. A portfolio manager should offer values such as the Number of Trades, Average Trade Return, Average Days Held, and Percent of Profitable Trades. Even further, a good portfolio manager should provide an analysis of equity. For example, Beginning and Ending Equity, Maximum Drawdown of both Realized and Unrealized Equity, Payoff Ratio, Recovery Factor, and Sharpe Ratio.

Ideally, a portfolio manager should provide an analysis of performance over time as well. For example, standard deviations per month and year are helpful values. An indication of the best and worst weeks, months and years are also helpful values. A wide variety of charts also helps the trader see their portfolio performance through a visual view. Equity, drawdowns, and trade returns are all helpful charts. But some of the more sophisticated portfolio managers also provide charts for values such as Entry and Exit Efficiency, Favorable and Adverse Excursions, and Position Count.

In most portfolio managers, the trader enters the number of shares as well as the dates and prices of their trades. However, higher-end portfolio managers allow traders to enter deposits and withdrawals as well as accrued interest. Many portfolio managers allow traders to enter a variety of products, such as stocks, bonds, futures, foreign exchange, CDs, and more.

One of the best portfolio managers available may be the one offered in StrataSearch, a program used primarily to search for profitable buy and sell signals using automation. The portfolio manager in StrataSearch offers nearly 75 performance statistics and over 20 charts, giving the trader an exceptional view of their live trading.

To access the portfolio manager for Yahoo! Finance, visit Yahoo! Finance and click the My Portfolios link. For Google, see Google Finance Portfolio. And for MSN Money, visit MSN Money and click on the Portfolio Manager link. Many brokerage firms such as Fidelity, E-Trade, and Charles Schwab offer portfolio managers as well.