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"SS is my favorite back testing program... by far."

- t...e, Forum, 7/7/2008

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The Chart Windows in StrataSearch provide a wide variety of features and customizations. As seen in the examples below, users can examine many different views of their data.

Screen 1: The StrataSearch Charts can be set up in many different ways, including bars or candlesticks, varying color schemes, and different panel arrangements. In the above example, a standard Ease of Movement chart is displayed, with some line studies drawn.

Screen 2: In this example of a MACD chart, the color scheme uses a dark green gradient background, with blue and yellow price bars.

Screen 3: Many users prefer simplicity, and StrataSearch allows you to view standard black and white charts as well. While StrataSearch comes with a large number of prebuilt charts, users can create as many revisions as they wish.

Screen 4: In addition to the standard bars and candlesticks, StrataSearch offers a number of advanced charts including Equivolume, Renko, Kaji, and Point and Figure. In the above example, a Candle Volume chart is displayed.