For those using Yahoo! Finance price imports, or those using the ASCII sector imports, you can check the version of your symbol lists by entering the File > Import Prices menu. Select Yahoo! Finance as your Source Type, and then click the Edit button to the right of the Securities selection. Unless you have made changes to the list, the Creation Date will be displayed in the list.

To update the symbol and sector lists, download and run the following update:

Creation Date Size Link
September 28, 2015 361kb Download

Right-click on the above link and select "Save Target As...". Remember the directory in which the file will be saved and click "Save" to save the file to your hard drive. When complete, locate the file in Windows Explorer and double-click on the saved file to run the upgrade.

Only the original symbol list filenames will be updated, and backup copies of your existing symbol lists will be created. For example, the original symbol list filename for U.S. securities is Symbols.csv. Only this file will be updated, and a backup copy will be created named Symbols_backup_yyyymmdd.csv.

Users running StrataSearch Version 4.5.5 or higher can use the File > Refresh Symbol and Sector Lists menu to refresh symbol lists directly from within StrataSearch.

If you have questions or experience any problems, please contact us at