Detailed Analysis

The Detailed Analysis allows you to fully inspect the quality of your trading system. You'll have access to easy-to-read Performance Reports, line item comparisons of different portfolio sizes, detailed equity listings, sortable trade listings, and Monte Carlo Simulations. StrataSearch also includes over 20 Detailed Analysis charts, including Drawdowns, Underwater Equity, Trade Efficiency, Maximum Excursions, and much more.

Powerful Charting

Using 3D bars and gradient backgrounds, StrataSearch produces some stunning charts. But they are flexible too. Create charts using Candle Volume, Equivolume, Kagi, Point and Figure, Renko, Three Line Break and more. Set up indicators to display your exact buy and sell signals. Adjust the periodicity to display Weekly, Monthly or Yearly bars. Or use the drawing tools to help analyze the prices.

Buy and Sell Signals

Once you begin trading a system, the Daily Signals Listing provides you with an abundance of features. You'll receive single-click access to each Symbol's current Charts, Fundamentals, Broker Recommendations, News Stories and more. Daily buy and sell signals can also be produced on a scheduler, sent via e-mail, or uploaded to a web site.

Portfolio Manager

When you begin trading, you'll not only want to keep track of your trades, you'll want to evaluate how your trades have been performing. The integrated Portfolio Manager gives you a complete Performance Report, Trade Listings, and over 20 charts. In our view, watching your portfolio when trading is just as important as examining your system historically.

Congratulations for this outstanding product.

- J.C., StrataSearch User

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